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Sustainable Raw Materials

Aimer uses Tencel™ Carbon Modal Fiber and other raw materials from certified sustainable forests. These materials are biodegradable, and suppliers compensate for carbon dioxide emissions through reforestation and other methods.

In 2022, Aimer used 426 tons of Tencel™ Carbon Modal Fiber, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 754 tons which is equivalent to a car circling the earth 90 times.

Sustainable Technology

Aimer's production technology is a core element of the company's sustainable production efforts, utilizing various technologies to increase energy conservation and lower energy consumption. Aimer strives to be an industry leader in sustainable production, transforming the production process through cutting-edge technology and continuous innovation.

Seamless Weaving Technology & Molded Bonding Technology

To combat climate change, Aimer has adopted a carbon neutral model that incorporates seamless weaving and molding bonding technology to its production process. These technologies eliminate the labor-intensive steps of the traditional cutting and sewing process, reduce fabric waste, and cut the production process by 50%. The manufacturing process does not include any carcinogenic, allergenic, fluorescent, and other chemical components, eliminating harmful effects on the environment.

Low Carbon Bra Mold Cup Production

Since 2016, Aimer's R&D department has been developing new environmentally friendly bra mold cup manufacturing processes to reduce its carbon footprint. Aimer's molded cup production process is less likely to be affected by light, heat, and oxygen compared to traditional processes due to its stable molecular structure. Through this new process, Aimer has reduced electricity consumption by 20% throughout production and has produced 200,000 molded cup bras as of 2023, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 8.58 tons.

Eco-Friendly Products

Waterless Dyeing and Microplastic Emissions fit Eco-Friendly Products.

Waterless Dyeing

In 2022, HUXI introduced the "HUXI Smooth Skin" line, catering to customers with sensitive skin. Aimer aims to change the industry manufacturing standard by implementing eco-friendly manufacturing techniques that eliminates the discharge chemically tainted wastewater. "HUXI Smooth Skin" products are made using waterless dyeing and integrated weaving techniques. These techniques allow colors to be added to the yarn without harmful chemicals and completely eliminate water usage during the dyeing process.

Reduced Micro-Plastic Emissions

The "HUXI Smooth Skin" line produces low micro-plastic emissions during the washing process. Thorough testing has shown that each gram of textile releases 0.6171 milligrams of microplastics when washed at 60 degrees Celsius (140 degrees Fahrenheit), far below the industry standard.

Chemical-Free Products

Aimer's HUXI underwear products are 100% chemical-free, providing a gentle and non-irritating fit for customers with sensitive skin.

All Aimer Kids products are certified as Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1, meaning every product component has been tested for harmful chemical substances and is safe for use. All products feature no allergenic dyes, carcinogenic dyes, residual surfactants, fluorescent brighteners, and other chemical residues. The Standard 100 criteria exceed national and international requirements and is updated annually to ensure the elimination of harmless substances.

Factory Sustainability

Aimer Fashion Factory and Aimer Ecological Factory use sustainable resources for production and operations through solar PV power and carbon management to protect the environment.

Carbon Management

Aimer Ecological Factory implements its carbon neutrality plan through 4 systems to reduce its carbon footprint. The factory uses its energy management system, carbon management system, energy efficiency system, and environmental management system to design, implement, and improve the effectiveness of its carbon neutrality plan. It also established a Greenhouse Gas Group (GHG) to train internal inspectors, developed a Greenhouse Gas Inspection and Control Procedure, and published a greenhouse gas inspection list. These implementations have seen vast improvements in the factory's efforts to reduce its carbon footprint. In 2022, the greenhouse gas emissions of Aimer Ecological Factory decreased by 30% compared to the previous year.

Solar PV Power Generation

In 2017, Aimer Fashion Factory and Aimer Ecological Factory completed a 1.5 MWp solar photovoltaic (PV) power generation project. The electricity generated is used for all internal production and operations, and any surplus electricity is connected to a renewable electricity grid. The Aimer Ecological Factory also features an intelligent microgrid to monitor and maintain electricity generation. From January to December 2022, the solar PV power generation at Aimer Fashion Factory reached 675,000 kWh, and 1,575,000 kWh at Aimer Ecological Factory.

Reduced Water Consumption

The Aimer Fashion Factory features a three-level water meter that tracks water usage and analyzes monthly water consumption data in order to reduce water usage. In 2022, the Aimer Fashion Factory saved approximately 2,800 tons of water.

The Aimer Ecological Factory reduces water consumption by collecting and reusing water from the pre-shrinking machine process to wash company vehicles and power steam generators. The factory saves an average of 139,000 liters (36,720 gallons) of water annually.

Aimer Renew

Founded in 2020, Aimer Renew is a sustainability initiative dedicated to achieving carbon neutrality and implementing sustainable manufacturing practices across all of Aimer's products. The initiative also aims to educate consumers about the importance of environmental protection and sustainable manufacturing.

On World Environment Day 2022, Aimer hosted the first annual "Aimer Environment Forum." Aimer invited customers to share their experiences and insights on sustainable practices they can use in their everyday lives, such as reducing plastic waste, driving electric vehicles, recycling, and eating low-carbon diets.

Aimer Renew's "Rebirth" program encourages customers to donate old or unused products to support sustainable fashion.

Aimer Renew's "Beauty of Nature" program invites customers to take a complimentary tour of the Aimer Ecological Factory and encourages them to share the beauty of the factory's natural scenery with others to emphasize the importance of protecting the environment.

Aimer Renew's "Reuse" program aims to inform customers about the reusable packaging materials used in Aimer products and encourages them to reuse these materials to reduce environmental impact.

Reuse · Repurpose Program (RR Program)

Since 2014, Aimer has operated the "Reuse·Repurpose" program, which collects donated clothes for the "Building Dreams" public welfare program. The "Building Dreams" program then reuses and repurposes the textile fabrics and materials to create roofing and building materials for rural, impoverished schools. In 2022, Aimer collected 337.45 KG (743 LBs) donated clothing.