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Practitioner of Sustainable Fashion

Sinceclimate change, resource shortage and other phenomena get more and moreintensified, the issue of sustainable development becomes more closely relatedto everybody. As an enterprise that actively practices social responsibility,Aimer always practices environmental protection with actions, chooses fabricsthat reduce carbon footprint, and integrates green concept into products. Also,Aimer pays more attention to nature, environment and the future of mankindwhile paying attention to fashion diversity. We have made new attempts in termsof the adoption of environmentally friendly fabrics and packaging to thepromotion of duds recycling programs, as well as all kinds of offline pop-upstores, environmentally friendly art installations, online leftover materialscreation exhibitions and so on.

The adoption of environmentally friendly fabrics

Interms of raw materials, all the brands subordinate to Aimer choose zero-carbonmodal fiber, biodegradable fabric, anhydrous dyed fiber, bio-based seaweedfiber, and recycled fiber, etc. in order to reduce carbon emissions and bebiodegradable, without putting a burden to the earth.

Duds recycling programs

Turning"old" to "new", the concept of duds recycling is used to convey the environmental protection concept of sustainable development, and protect the earth with love.

We Utilise Environmrntal-Friendly Fabric