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Safe Material/OEKO-TEX 100 Certification


Stable without displacement/skin-friendly and breathable/balanced force


Physique Management/Scientific Support/Graceful Curves

Three Decades, Consistent Aimer

1993 -2023

Established in for the past thirty years, Aimer has been devoting to creating an excellent piece of underwear for Chinese females On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of Aimer. Aimer 1993 Series Products are dedicated to the customers going all the way with Aimer as well as contemporary females adhering to the realization of self-values

1993 Limited Edition Series

Alleviate the burden and & comfort

Lighter / More Breathable / Less traces

1993 Limited Edition Series

Comfort & Graceful

Bralette Design / Less Friction / Zero Traces

1993 Limited Edition Series

Thin but not transparent, stylish

Avoiding protruding nipplesMore / BreathableStable / Support

1993 Limited Edition Series

Breathable and Plump

No stuffiness / Outlining breast shape / Soft support

1993 Limited Edition Series

Soft support to outline your graceful shape

No shoulder burden / More convergence / Soft support

1993 Limited Edition Series

Oxygen Petal Assured Safety

Bralette Design / More Breathable / Avoiding protruding nipples