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Aimer Foundation

The Aimer Foundation was registered on November 11, 2013.Since its establishment, it has been actively promoting breast cancer prevention and treatment, helping more women understand breast cancer, and donating prosthetic breasts to women who have undergone breast cancer surgery.

Donation of Prosthetic Breast

Aimer Foundation has carried out promotional activities regarding breast cancer prevention and treatment in many places across the nation, advocating that women pay attention to breast health, early prevention, early examination, and early treatment.

The Aimer Foundation has donated more than 28,000 prosthetic breasts with a value of over RMB 25 million to patients undergoing breast cancer surgery nationwide. At the same time, the Aimer Foundation has provided prosthetic breast testing services at Aimer counters in 76 shopping malls in 43 cities across the nation

Four New Prosthetic Breast Models

Breathable & Comfortable

Fitting & Temperature Controlled

Smart & Temperature Controlled

Basic & Upgraded

The Aimer Foundation has built 7 Aimer primary schools to provide children in Daliangshan with learning opportunities, with some schools ending the history of mountain villages that have been without a school for generations.

the Foundation also sponsors and cares for children in poverty out of school. Aimer employees, members, and friends sponsor more than 300 local children to study in Love Classes and visit them there every year to witness their growth.