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Artistic Creation

Aimer strongly supports and develops cultural and artistic undertakings, and shares the beauty of diverse cultures and art with the public. In 2020, Aimer built an art life program AimerArt to integrate art, aesthetics, creative life, feminine topics, and upgrade artistic experience and cultural core through Aimer Art Museum and Aimer Coffee.

Hand Embroidery

Aimer Workshop for the inheritance of traditional hand embroidery culture and skill as well as the construction of intangible heritage industrial chain, providing you with a combined experience of tradition and innovation.

Kunqu Opera

Suzhou Aimer Kunqu Opera Experience Center, a unique protection base for the world's intangible heritage - Kunqu Opera.

Intelligent Production

Aimer Huangjin Traditional Pattern Research and Application Center to explore, inherit, and innovate on traditional patterns and continue the artistic life and value of Dunhuang patterns.