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Aimer Sleep Wear

Dedicated for SleepGiving a baby-like sleep experienceImmersed in a sound sleep every nightExcellent Sleep Wear Knows Sleep Excellently.

Natural power from the sea - Seaweed fiber
Long-lasting antibacterial, effectively anti-mite
Maintaining a clean and comfortable sleep environment
* 50 times of water washing verified by national standard testing laboratory
Remaining effectively antibacterial, effective anti-mite performance even after 20 times of washing

Ergotech design method

Patented dot glue bonding technology
Integrated with ergonomics
No stitches for more skin-friendly experience

Honeycomb-like structure

Double-layer honeycomb-like structure
Effective moisture absorption and perspiration removal
Refreshing body feeling during sleep

Containing hyaluronic acid

Hyaluronic acid finishing agent
From hyaluronic acid manufacturer
Bloomage Biotech

She Knows Clearly Perfect Sleep Wear

How many times she has tossed and turned in the late hours of the night when she was late for sleep. Just let the voices in the head be overwhelmed by the "seaweed". Surrender the body and enjoy the moment.

He Knows Clearly Perfect Sleep Wear

After a tight schedule of a whole day just wrap the body in the sleep wear and have it to remove the tiredness. Those not visible are more powerful. May you a quick sleep and sweet dream.