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1993 Limited Edition Series

[Aimer 30th Anniversary GiftPack]

Multipurpose Storage Bag + Petal Bra + Panty

Bionic tossing cup structure

Oxygen feeling without stuffiness

Fine meshed cup cushion

Safe without protruding nipples

Slightly wider upper edge to increase masking

Stable cushion

Fully fixed cushion process

Thin and soft without pressing the breast

Bionic curvature to fit chest shape

3/4 Petal Thin Cup Bralette

Thin & Breathable

Bralette with Soft Support

Avoiding Protruding Nipples

Oxygen Lace Panties

Breathable gauze, as if there is no presence.

Antibacterial cotton bottom crotch

Antibacterial to safeguard health


Patented petal cushion, gentle coverage without the sense of emptiness

Soft Support

Stable mechanical structure support

Free without traces

Advantageous combination of stitching + bonding

Integrated thin back buckle

No pressure to bones Appropriate flexibility

No abrasive washing label

Refusing harsh friction of traditional stitched labels