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Aimer Wireless Lace Bra

Aimer Renascent Coat

Touch and sense the smoothness.

Fit · Cosy · Curvy

Focus on the higher needs beyond warmth.


CELL-E anti-free radical


Biomage hyaluronic acid for delicate skin. Fine high count yarn for ethereal and thermal touch


Double-sided free tailoring for fitness and snugness.

Aimer Renascent Coat

《Antioxidant knitted underwear》

Lead pioneer

Barrier CELL-E natural antioxidant

Cole flower vitamin E

Fight against free radical

Coconut acid 

Form a protective film on the skin

For strong moisture-lock

Tree-based regenerated cellulose fibers

Seal up oleic acid and vitamin E

Free radical scavenging rate


Why resist free radicals?

Free radical resistance is what we call antioxidation resistance, which is crucial to our anti-aging efforts. Excessive free radicalscan make our cells age faster, destroy collagen and elastin which keep skin elastic, and age our skin, bringing about speckles, wrinkles, looseness, and dullness...


Dig into what women need now for breakthrough in thermal underwear.

Build external aesthetics through internal science.

Deliver new satisfactory products.

Never age, forever young.

Admire your ageless figure.

AIMER rejuvenating underwear.

Keep you vernal and vigorous in autumn .

Embrace your rejuvenating skin .

A spring greenhouse only for your skin.

Wake up the confidence of reverse growth.

Feel your ageless freedom

Aimer Renascent Coat Square collar thermal top

Free and dynamic warmth.

Caress your body like the spring sun.

Fit your curvy and willowy body.

Smart and stylish, all-match outdoor underwear.

Figure-flattering and springy winter wear.

Warm and smooth feel.

Smart and stylish, all-match outdoor underwear

Figure-flattering and springy winter wear

Warm and smooth feel