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Aimer Foundation

Aimer Foundation launched prosthetic breast donation program in 2013 to help former breast cancer patients rediscover their confidence and beauty.

As of 2022, Aimer has donated over 37,900 prosthetic breasts and over 7,700 prosthetic breast bras,

valued at 35.04 million RMB = 4.7 million USD.

Aimer has held more than 70 informative lectures on breast cancer awareness and health in over 80 cities across China.

As a part of "Pink Ribbon Month," Aimer launched the #All Ways We Care initiative which donates 9.9 RMB (1.4 USD) from each sale to the donation of prosthetic breasts. Aimer Health products also include self-examination guidelines for breast cancer awareness and women's breast health.


The joint exhibition "Soft Light" by 8 female artists debuted at the Aimer Art Museum on September 15th, 2023. The art pieces conveyed each artist's perspective on how to live freely, celebrating and loving themselves as they are.


On October 14th, 2023, the "Pink Ribbon" art installation debuted at the China World Mall in Beijing. The art piece promotes breast cancer awareness and features thousands of pink ribbons, reflected through mirrors to celebrate the resilient qualities of women. The "Pink Run" and "Pink Art" activities were also held to help participants achieve physical and mental balance.


On October 16th, 2023, Aimer and Life Week launched the One Book and a Half public welfare program at the Sanlian Taofen Bookstore in Beijing. The program aims to help women prevent breast cancer and provide support for survivors. The One Book aspect of the program educates women on breast health and breast cancer prevention, while the Half aspect provides physical and mental support for breast cancer survivors.

 Aimer Schools

In 2014, the Aimer Foundation established 7 Aimer schools to provide education for children in the Sichuan Daliang Mountains. The foundation finances tuition for all children and organizes an annual donation program that brings books, clothing, projectors, teaching aids, entertainment supplies, and basketball stands for students.

In 2022, the Aimer Foundation invested 1.634 million RMB (223,000 USD) to Aimer Schools in the Sichuan Daliang Mountains. During the 2022-2023 academic year, Aimer employees, their friends and families, and suppliers financially sponsored 220 homeless children in the region to receive their education and visit them annually on June 1st. In 2022, Aimer employees donated more than 500 toys, 31,988 RMB (4,371 USD) worth of school supplies, hats, raincoats, daily necessities, and 41,781 RMB (5,709 USD) worth of bras and t-shirts to students.

Candlelight Program

In 2017, the Aimer Foundation established the "Candlelight Program," which aims to improve the living and teaching conditions for teachers. The program donated 450,000 RMB (61,500 USD) in 2022 to recognize their dedication to helping students. On Teacher's Day in 2023 (September 10th), the program provided 87 sets of Imi's thermal underwear to teachers living in the rural locations.

Light Scholarship

In 2019, Zhang Rongming, Chairman of Aimer Group, and Zhu Minghua, Chairman of Beijing Xintegral Information Technology Corporation Co., Ltd., invested 400,000 RMB (54,663 USD) to establish the Aimer "Light Scholarship." In 2022, Aimer Foundation donated 82,740 RMB (11,307 USD) to the "Light Scholarship," sponsoring 666 students. Since its establishment, the scholarship has increased the enrollment rate of school-age children, enabled more girls to be educated, and emphasized the importance of education to parents.

Dream-chasing Program Scholarship

In 2021, the Aimer Foundation established the "Dream Chasing Scholarship" to encourage graduates from Aimer Elementary Schools to continue their education in middle/high school. In 2022, the scholarship sponsored 119 students and provided 100,000 RMB (13,665 USD) in tuition fees.

“Aimer Dreamers" Artistic Education Public Welfare Program

In July 2021, Aimer Foundation and Aimer Art Museum created the 'Aimer Dreamers" public welfare program, inviting 21 children from Aimer Schools in Liangshan Mountains to Beijing for art education. In Fall 2022, Aimer Foundation and Aimer Art Museum established an online course for 5 Aimer Schools in the Liangshan Mountains, allowing more children to participate in the program. During the 3-month course, graduate student volunteers are led by 11 professors from Renmin University's Art School to teach art aesthetic and painting.

“Aimer Little Readers & Story King” Cloud Classroom

In 2022, Aimer established an online course named "Aimer Reading & Story" in 5 Aimer Elementary Schools. The course is taught by Aimer employee volunteers who majored in Chinese language and literature, media, and other related subjects. During the 3-month course, students learn Chinese through reading and storytelling to improve their language proficiency and reading comprehension abilities. At the end of the course, Aimer Foundation organizes an annual competition, where winning students could win up to 5,000 RMB (683 USD).

“Power Baseball Angels” Donation

The "Power Angels" is a sports public welfare program under the Chinese Social Assistance Foundation and aims to provide athletically gifted children with opportunities to compete on a national stage in sports. In 2022, the Aimer Foundation donated 1,668 pieces of underwear, socks, underpants, bras, and thermal underwear from various Aimer brands valued at 105,541 RMB (14,423 USD) to the "Power Angels" program.