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Sustainability is deeply ingrained in our brand’s core values.


An everyday piece of clothing, from raw materials to finished

product, Aimer embodies the essence of sustainability,

infusing the vitality of nature into daily wear, creating a

sense of sustainable romance.

Natural expression from the ocean

Innovative HICEL® Seaweed Fiber

Seaweed is a premium renewable resource. Using natural seaweed materials can reduce excessive use of land and water. Aimer’s seaweed home series uses HICEL seaweed fiber, harnessing the power of the ocean to create a naturally healthy lifestyle.

Aimer Short-Sleeve Nightgown with Seaweed Fiber

Aimer Men Sleep T-Shirts with Seaweed Fiber

Aimer Kids Homewear Set With Seaweed Fiber For Boys

Touching the natural flow of regeneration.

Zero Carbon Silk™

Materials sourced sustainably, production eco-conscious, carbon footprint minimized, advocating for environmental stewardship. Aimer’s Sleeping Beauty Home series features Lancel Zero Carbon Silk™ Lyocell fabric. Aimer’s 24-Zong Enjoy Silky Home series showcases Lancel Zero Carbon Silk™ Modal fabric.

Aimer Lace Wide Shoulder Short Nightgown

Aimer Lace Built-in Padded Nightgown

Aimer Short-Sleeve Pajamas Set


In 2022, Aimer used 426 tons of Tencel™ Carbon Modal Fiber


reducing carbon dioxide emissions by approximately 754 tons


which is equivalent to a car circling the earth 90 times.

Factory Sustainability

Aimer Fashion Factory and Aimer Ecological Factory use sustainable resources for production and operations through solar PV power and carbon management to protect the environment.

Carbon Management

In 2022, the greenhouse gas emissions from the ecological factory decreased by 30% compared to 2021.

Solar PV Power Generation

In 2022, Beijing Fashion Factory produced 675,000 kWh of solar power, while Suzhou Ecological Factory generated 1,575,000 kWh.

Reduced Water Consumption

In 2022, the Factory saved approximately 2,800 tons of water.

Trade-in for new.

Since 2014, Aimer has collected donated clothes for the “Building Dreams” program, repurposing them into roofing and building materials for rural schools. In 2022, 337.45 KG (743 LBs) of clothing was collected.

Guidance towards sustainable consumption.

In 2022, Aimer Group promoted sustainable and green products through various initiatives to communicate an environmentally-friendly attitude to consumers and promote a green lifestyle.