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Front and middle non-stretch mesh yarn

Auxiliary support strips to provide inward force to the chest

Avoiding accidental exposure

 "W" polyester ammonia strip around the bottom

Soft support to improve breast sagging

Punching process for lower part

Reducing sweating and stiffness

Cup side "bracket" shaped polyester ammonia strip

One-piece design to reinforce lateral closure
and improve chest expansion

“Small Clouds” Soft but Powerful Cushion

Promoting fullness from the bottom

Raising the height of nipples, thin but plump

Upgrading to large hole hidden hole cup

This model is upgraded to "large hidden hole"

with hidden marks and strong breathability

No “Line” Limitations Adopting dot glue bonding process

Zero Trace & Silky Thin

Fitting the breast shape without emptiness

Cool & Soft Support

Hidden Hole Bra + Briefs

Launch of Summer Heat Relieving Suits

-℃ ice skin experience

Cooling technology, releasing the coolness just by skin contact

Bonding Process

Instant Coolness

Patented Hidden Hold Cup

Bralette with No Restriction

Little Ice Box Briefs

Light, highly flexible and refreshing

Threaded texture / Fitting cool / Less slackness & deformation

62% Nylon + 38%Spandex

Freedom & No Limitation

360° Grand Stretch

Comfortable and reassuring running, jumping and bouncing

"Hip Film" design

Fitting different hip shapes, and not easy to be pinched by the hips

Stepping out of the burning air and take a walk on the morning grass
The tender dews are icy cold, crystal like little ice boxes
Quickly dispersing heat at the moment of contact
Embracing summer with confidence
Thin and soft polyester ammonia strip
Flowing curves, constant ventilation, reduced perspiration

#Little Ice Box#

Summer Heat Relieving Suite

The "Little Ice Box" you receive includes a cooling bra + cooling briefs + a cartoon sticker + a paper bookmark.

Pick a Color, Defeat the Heat