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Timeless Elegance in Swimwear

Summer exclusive: be a water park princess and princes.

Sense the natural breath

Retro-style leaf prints
Collide with solid color design
A tropical atmosphere comes flooding in, sensing the vitality of nature.

The shirt has a hook design on the back, easier to put on and take off.

Separate top and bottom, elegant and sexy.

Front panel with inclusive mesh design and quick-drying bra cups.

Deep U-shaped back design, revealing a sexy back.

Romantic Floral Series

Inspired by the vibrant start of spring and summer, we blend floral and bird prints into swimwear and resort attire, merging spring's romance with swimwear's sexiness.

Enjoy the Summer Series

Incorporating playful sea themes and a vibrant color palette, we craft a modern, three-dimensional resort swimwear look.

Aimer Men Holidays Collection